About Vingilótë Blog

This site is to share the travel, travails, and troubles of sailing Vingilótë.


The site is running as a virtual host in Apache on an EC2 instance with the database in an RDS instance.


Each virtual host is configured to rewrite all HTTP traffic to HTTPS and to encrypt all HTTPS traffic using TLS and a free Let’s Encrypt certificate from EFF. The server attempts to renew each TLS certificate every night.

Each virtual host on the server is backed up nightly to an AWS S3 bucket, data, website and a hash file over the website separately. After that the server pulls down a Last Known Good set of hash files from an S3 bucket the webserver only has read-only credentials to, and compares the hashes on all the files on the websites.

This Site

This site is running WordPress, with a commercial theme called News Magazine. I’d been looking for a blog that worked and finally broke down and simply used the same one as Jennifer and James Hamilton on their excellent blog MV Dirona. I figured it landed somewhere between “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and “Respect What Came Before” And I only had a few hours to get it hanging together before flying to Cape Town for the delivery of Vingilótë.

It uses the XYZ SMAP plugin to automatically post to our Facebook Page Vingilótë Blog and the WP Google Map Pro plugin to generate its maps. I wrote some bash script and sed regular expressions to massage the KML files from the Garmin Inreach portal into the KML used for the overlay on the Where Are They Now? page.