A Pelican Case of Emergency Equipment

A Pelican Case of Emergency Equipment

For today’s skill test I got to carry this through TSA:
1 Two-way Satellite Messenger/GPS Navigator
1 Battery bank/foldout solar panel
1 GPS/One-way Satellite Messenger
1 GPS/Satellite Tracker
1 GPS Navigator
1 VHF radio
1 Automatic dome light
2 batteries for Bosch power tools
2 EPIRB beacons
2 AIS/DSC MOB beacons
1 floating EPIRB/DSC
1 satellite phone with spare battery
1 large capacity fold out solar panel
1 Android tablet

All in a custom Pelican case that is (just) within airline legal carry on size.

The lid has an organizer that is full of cables, connectors, chargers, and manuals and such.

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