Testing Vingilótë’s solar panels before launch

Testing Vingilótë’s solar panels before launch


Vingilótë’s solar panels generate a ton of power and the electrical systems design works!

Technical Details

Vingilótë is as green as you can make a reliable boat: light, with a sail plan that lets her sail in 5 knots of wind, and seven mono crystalline solar panels, rated at 328W at 64V each, every panel on its own regulator to maximize gain in partial shading.

She’s designed as a floating UPS: she’s designed ground up around her lithium-ion-phosphor battery bank (almost 800 Ah). The entire boat always runs from the batteries. The DC is 24V with a step down to 12V for the VHF and thermal camera. The batteries feed into an inverter for clean sine wave 119V/60Hz throughout. Each double socket has a built-in USB-C PD built-in that feeds up to 45W to the two USB-C sickest in each 110V socket. Less weight in wiring and simpler and everything is isolated from power generation. The 110V runs through two panels, essentials and extras, the extras cutting out automatically below a programmable battery level (it’s currently set at 50%).

The solar panels, shore power through a 85-250V/50-60Hz multi voltage battery charger, and a 70A alternator on each of the engines all feed into the battery bank.

Integration, warranty, debugging faults, and support hassles putting lies to the whole best of breed idea, the entire system is single manufacturer sourced: Victron. The system records all data feeds to an SD Card in its black box, and streams remotely (the boat has a dual mode satellite system with unlimited data at 256/128 Kbps down/up, so the manufacturer, installer, and we, always know what’s up with her systems.

Yesterday we charged her battery bank to full, turned on all lights, deck light and working lights, all lights inside, and both fridges and both freezers, empty for a worst-case, on on full. In 15 hours she drew down the battery bank to 89% and in an hour the solar panels, at 7am under a overcast sky, filled the battery banks to full!

Currently, at about 1:30pm, the solar panels generate over twice the power she draws.

It’s nice when your design on paper works in reality!

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