Getting ready to sail Vingilótë home

Getting ready to sail Vingilótë home
Vingilótë is launched into St. Francis Bay

Buying a boat is like buying a house and a car, with all of the paperwork of both and way more complicated. Registration – State or Coast Guard? Does it matter in which state? When are taxes due?

Then there’s the insurance – where are you starting? How long will you be there? Where are you going? When? Rates are different for different places, and at different times of year – don’t go into the north Pacific in the winter, be out of the Caribbean before hurricane season, don’t go to east Africa at all (pirates).

Who’s on board? What are their qualifications? What will your watch schedule be? What kind of equipment do you have? It goes on and on.

Then there’s equipping the boat for a crossing. Being weeks at sea, and thousands of miles from- well, anything- we have to be prepared to fix or replace anything that breaks. Power tools, hand tools, spare parts for everything we can think of. Redundant systems for navigation, GPS, communication, emergency signalling.

Then of course there’s actually furnishing the boat as a place to live for several weeks: it’s like furnishing a three bedroom house. Bed linens, throw cushions for the salon, bathroom stuff, dishes and cookware, cleaning supplies, and so on.

And food, don’t forget about that. Gotta eat. Yes we’ll fish, but I’d rather not rely on that. Even if we could, I don’t want to eat fish for weeks on end. So, made up a shopping list of stuff that we can fit into the cupboards, the three freezers and the fridge. Once I get to St. Francis, shopping time!

Then of course there’s the question of when do we set out, and I actually don’t know. It depends on the wind. Stay tuned!

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