Delaying Taking Delivery of Vingilótë

Delaying Taking Delivery of Vingilótë

We were going to fly to South Africa this Thursday to take delivery of Vingilótë in St. Francis and take her on her maiden voyage to Cape Town.

But the winds the last two weeks have been 25 knots and up: not ideal weather for the folks from the factory to start taking her out for her sea trials.

So we decided to push it out a bit until after another commitment we had, and we’ll now get to St. Francis on the 27th of November, to take her out shortly after that.

The good thing is we’ll be driving across from Cape Town together, and with our good friend Rory who now will get to be on the maiden voyage, and Irene and I will be together for Thansksgiving!

The better thing is we’ll give the fine folks from Nexxus Yachts time to get everything sorted out, bolted down, and not rush them, so they can get it right.

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