Day 2 under way

Day 2 under way

The first full day and night are behind us and we’re well underway. We put one reef in the sail before dinner, in case the wind came up unexpectedly high, but it was probably unnecessary. True wind stayed mostly between twenty and thirty knots (nautical-mile-per-hour, in case you were wondering). We kept the sails trimmed to 145 degrees off the wind, a broad reach, mostly downwind. This meant our direction varied a bit as the wind shifted back and forth, but the wind is pretty consistent so we pretty much kept our WNW heading through the night. Top speed 15.8 kts, average speed around 9-10.

Coffee, bacon and eggs for breakfast. #catamaranlife

3 comments on “Day 2 under way
  1. Jean Lewis says:

    Hi Irene. We are enjoying your updates so much – right down to what you had for breakfast! Who was the cook? Please keep on giving us an idea of how you’re doing and how the voyage is unfolding. With keen interest and many thoughts from Barrie and Jean Lewis (Dunbar’s parents)

    • Irene Voskamp says:

      Hi Jean! I like to cook so I have been making most of the dinners, though Rory actually cooked yesterday. Dunbar has introduced me to cucumber sandwiches which I had never had but now love.

  2. Kamila MIller says:

    Wow, look at that light! And sounds like a breakfast Rory would love. Thanks for the update!!

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