22.2 knots

22.2 knots

Well, that was exciting. We were sailing without any reefs in the mainsail: the forecast wasn’t to go over 20 kts TWS (True Wind Speed). But the wind went from 15 to 25 AWS (Apparent Wind Speed), and the boat speed jumped to 22.2 knots SOG (Speed Over Ground)!

Dunbar was up here instantly, woke Rory and we put in 2 reefs. Now the wind has gone back to 15 or so but we’re still doing 10 knots SOG. Adrenaline gradually receding.

The forecast said the wind would be fading overnight. Apparently, the wind didn’t read the forecast.

Jib and mainsail with one reef in. Picture from the day trip to Cape Town December 2nd
5 comments on “22.2 knots
  1. Justin says:


  2. Nothing like a little fright to keep us on our toes. You’re making great progress.

  3. Kamila MIller says:

    When remarking on a chess game, the exclamation point is a sign of an excellent move, usually in response to a difficult situation that later pays off big time.

  4. Dean Paton says:

    Landlubber asks: What’s a reef?

    • Irene Voskamp says:

      It’s a way to shrink the sail, when you have high winds that are unsafe. Basically you lower the sail part way, and pull the reef lines to keep the new ‘bottom’ of the sail taut.

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