Three squid tried to board us last night. Alas, they were unsuccessful. But I have to wonder, are they just a vanguard for the Great Old Ones under the sea, a scouting unit sent out to test our defenses before the main attack from beneath the waves? All is peaceful and calm on the surface, but who knows what lurks in the depths?

4 comments on “Boarders!
  1. Wesley E. Snyder says:

    So how big were these critters? And what spices did you use on the calamari?

    • Irene Voskamp says:

      Oh, they were about the size of my hand. And after they’d been drying out in the sun for several hours, I would have dared to eat them. Besides I actually don’t care for calamari. 🙂 However, we saw some flying fish today and if fresh ones jump on board I’m totally gonna cook those.

  2. Dean Paton says:

    Yes, when I gaze upon the sea, and then wonder what’s lurking beneath the surface (with teeth), I can get a bit creeped out when I think of jumping overboard into the water.

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