Autopost to FB working, all test posts removed

Autopost to FB working, all test posts removed

Alright, after this one we’re going back to our regular scheduled programming provided by Irene from Vingilótë.

We maintain a Facebook Page for Vingilótë, mostly so it’s quick and easy to share to our personal feeds, but also so the businesses and individuals involved in making Vingilótë a reality can share from it and benefit from it.

Separately, we wanted more functionality and control than Facebook offers, so we set up this blog on our own WordPress site.

But it’s a pain to post to the blog, go to Facebook and copy and paste the URL of the blog post, and then to share the Page post to our own feeds. And right now that’s doable, after all I’m on shore, but to do it when we’re both at sea is a pain. Hence, automation!

So I use a WordPress plugin, but to access Facebook through an API, especially after their various security and privacy breaches, takes a bit of work of setting up an app within Facebook, request the right permissions, and go through a few rounds of reviews on how Facebook app reviewers can test and review it does what I say it does and only does what I say it does.

But that process just completed, so I published the app, switched to the live configuration and this should get to the Facebook Page automatically.

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