Off the barber-y coast

Off the barber-y coast

It’s well known that normal, healthy humans shed hairs off their heads. 25 or 50 a day, something like that. But when you have very long, very dark hair, and you’re in an enclosed environment that is spotless white, this becomes somewhat embarrassing. My shed hairs are *everywhere*. I’m constantly picking up loose hairs and letting the wind take them away, leaving a trail of my follicles across the ocean.

Meanwhile, Rory adopted a different solution to this hairy problem- elimination. Now we can be sure that all the hairs on deck are mine.

5 comments on “Off the barber-y coast
  1. Joe says:

    That’s… something I wouldn’t have thought of!

  2. Kamila MIller says:

    That crewman, Rory, that just got his head shaved? He’s hot. Can I have his number?

    • Irene Voskamp says:

      I dunno, Kami, he may be one of those guys with a gal in every port. I know he’s been talking about this chick he’s planning to hook up when we get to the Caribbean. 😉

    • Kamila MIller says:

      That doesn’t bother me. I’ll win him over, prove I’m the only one for him, and make him mine. 😀

  3. Tammy says:

    Of COURSE he did…

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