Change of watch

Change of watch

Ten minutes to the hour I crawl out of bed, make myself presentable*, go upstairs to relieve Dunbar. He gives me a quick debrief on his shift – making good speed, wind has us directly on course, 410 nm to St Helena, we crossed the Prime Meridian at four so we’re now officially in the Western Hemisphere!

Then he goes to bed, I make myself some coffee, wrap myself in a blanket**, and wait for the sunrise.

Very peaceful.

* t-shirt, sweatpants, glasses.

** it’s breezy and humid. I get chilled sitting at the helm in the dark. Don’t judge me and my fleece blanket.

One comment on “Change of watch
  1. Wesley E. Snyder says:

    Wonderful photo. love the way the sun is caught on one wave. It must be amazingly peaceful during the 4-7 shift.

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