St Helena

St Helena

St Helena is a very interesting place. No marina or docks: we’re tied up to a mooring ball and use the radio to request a pickup by the ferry on his hourly trips through the mooring field.

After we tied up, the harbormaster and two customs agents came out to have us fill out paperwork. But it’s all quite casual, weirdly so for me. Entry fees? Yeah, just pay them when you’re ready to leave. Mooring fees? Same. Immigration? Oh, they’re up the street a ways, you can swing by after you drop off your laundry.

And everyone is very friendly and helpful to ‘yachties’. We explained our needs to the harbormaster and he immediately gave us names of people to talk to and places to find them. (More on our needs later).

But for someone coming from a pretty big city, there’s a lot of unexpected things.

There is One bank where we can get local currency. One hardware store. One garage. No chains or box stores. No free WiFi anywhere- only a few places have it at all and it’s expensive. Which leads to one of the oddities I notice: nobody is sitting around staring at their phones! People walk down the street and look at each other and chat! It’s quite cool.

Monday and today were spent running around: laundry, shopping, getting as much done on the restaurant WiFi as possible, etc. Maybe tomorrow we’ll do some touristing.

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  1. Tom Reyes says:

    Did you visit any of the Napoleonic sites?

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