We stopped by the Tourism Office one day to ask about taking a tour of the island. The lovely lady there, Val, immediately called her dear friend Larry and arranged for him to come by the next morning and pick up to show us all the sights. She also arranged for us to stop for tea at the Farm Lodge B&B where we absolutely MUST sample the famous St. Helena coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world.

Napoleon’s empty tomb

Larry was very cool. 78 years old, lived here his entire life. Told us the history of the island, from the 1500s to present. Showed us all the sights, the natural beauty and incredible variety of microclimates across the island- never seen so many different biomes from standing in one place. Saw the volcano caldera and the flax fields, and many of the different gorgeous plants and birds that are endemic to the island. We saw Napoleon’s tomb (although he’s actually not in it, he was exhumed and taken to France in 1840). And the house where he lived. And the house where he stayed when he first was exiled here and he totally didn’t have an affair with the underaged daughter of the homeowner.

Ah, local news.

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