St. Helena Festival of Lights

St. Helena Festival of Lights
A dancing light dragon. Because why not?

I never posted this when we were in StH, so posting it now. Shortly before Christmas St Helena hosts the Festival of Lights, the big holiday celebration. Basically, everyone in the whole country- all four-thousand or so Saints- gets dressed up in lights, and they have a big parade, from the hospital to the waterfront.

A float in the parade

It sounds kinda meh, right? But in fact, it was really pretty amazing. First off, it seems that literally everyone knows everyone in St H. But beyond that, it’s really cool to see the community turn out. A sense of engagement that you don’t feel in big cosmopolitan cities. And the people all dressed up in lights, the floats in the parade, the whole town lit up for the celebration, made it feel very holistic. Dunbar got some lights for us to carry and I put them in my hair.

Marchers. It’s a rather informal parade- seems that folks just join in!
Saints in the parade.

The coolest thing was that so very few people will ever experience this. Likely I’ll never see it again. You probably never will. But if you ever happen to be in the middle of the south Atlantic at Christmas time, go see it. You won’t regret it.

Rory and a blurry Dunbar at the festival.
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  1. Sondra Miller says:

    Rory-san, Thank you for the brief glimpse.

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