I was cooking dinner, a couple hundred miles south of Ascension Island, as we went clipping across the sea at 8-10 kts

One of the really nice things about catamarans, at least this style, is the amount of space in the galley (that’s a ‘kitchen’ to you landlubbers.) When we’re fifteen hundred miles from land, ordering a pizza isn’t really an option, so we figured getting a well set-up and stocked kitchen was essential.

It turns out quite well. The galley is well set for one person and a prep assistant. Three burner gas stove with an oven big enough for cakes and casseroles. Best thing is that it’s central to the salon and the cockpit, so can participate in social activities while cooking and cleaning. This means that even when you’re on watch you can step inside and make tea or soup and be no more than a couple of steps from grabbing the wheel or lines of you need to.

Dunbar bought the essentials for cooking and dining and quite a good selections of spices and seasonings, so we don’t lack for variety. Well stocked freezers and several cupboards full of canned and dry goods ensures we won’t starve.

We’ve settled into a pretty good routine. Breakfast and lunch are ad hoc mostly depending on if anyone feels like cooking. Dunbar made eggs and toast, I did biscuits the other morning, Rory did something clever combining leftovers for lunch.

Snacks and drinks are around always: dried fruit, nuts, cookies, chocolate for a quick pick-me-up.

I usually make dinner, though both the guys also cook sometimes. I try to have it ready around six so Rory can eat before he goes to sleep (he has the midnight-3, the hardest shift). We generally eat at the table in the cockpit, fresh air and cooler. When we take Vingilótë to the Pacific Northwest , I’m sure we’ll be eating in the salon a lot more.

Whoever didn’t cook does the washing up. With only three people and a limited amount of kitchen equipment (compared to the truly enormous amount of kitchen gadgetry I have at home) washing up and putting stuff away is a pretty easy job.

I haven’t yet tried making a full-on Voskamp dinner yet, it’ll be a little trickier with only the three small-ish burners. But I’m sure we’ll manage. In fact, it’ll be fun!

3 comments on “Cooking
  1. Has there been any fresh fish on the menu?

  2. Erik Foss says:

    Yeah bro, I also wanted to hear about any proteins harvested from the sea.

    • Irene Voskamp says:

      Alas no. We had a line out but a couple days out of St Helena it hooked a 4+ foot sailfish- marlin or swordfish or something, we didn’t get a good look at it- which ran away with the lure and the line. I cut the line before it ran away with the rod, reel, and Dunbar.

      The a couple days later we hooked something else which actually broke the line before we got a good look at it.
      Now we’re out of line.

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