After the sunset

After the sunset

Crescent moon, low on the horizon. One bright star above it, or maybe a planet. It could be reddish, maybe it’s Mars. Wish I had a star chart. So many stars in the sky! Unimaginable. There’s no way to capture this with a camera, and words don’t do it justice. I lie up on the roof under the boom and lose myself in them. The moon has set now, and there is nothing to see but the stars to the horizon in every direction, above the dark sea. No sound but the gentle hiss of the bows piercing the waves, the steady rumble of the wake rippling behind our stern. All is peaceful on our little floating island of comfort and safety, alone in a very large and uncaring ocean.

One comment on “After the sunset
  1. Wesley says:

    No meter, no rhyme, but still beautiful poetry

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