Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha
I think it’s a banyan tree. Rory and I agree it is straight out of Mirkwood. We walked past it on the way to the beach.

Surprising to us there were almost no other cruising yachts in the harbor. We would have though this to be a very popular cruising destination because it is really beautiful. But no. One couple we met it St Helena said this was their next destination but we didn’t see them, we may have overtaken them en route.

All of the really great snorkeling pools are in the restricted access marine park which we decided not to go to, instead we caught a taxi and went to the beach. Gorgeous, sandy beaches, practically deserted, with spectacular volcanic rock formations and tide pools full of tropical fish. We splashed in the tide pools for a bit then got some lunch and went into town to look for souvenirs. Unfortunately, it being New Years Day, most shops were closed, so we were largely unsuccessful.

Went to see the immigration officer, got our passports stamped in and out, and decided to continue on our way. We are now half-way from Cape Town to Florida. Stay tuned!

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