Happy new year!

Happy new year!
Approaching Fernando de Noronha. From almost all angles the island appears to be giving the finger to the world.

New Year’s Eve afternoon we dropped anchor at the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha. This archipelago is mostly spectacularly beautiful Marine National Park, with magnificent scenery, and tons of turtles, dolphins and coral reefs.

Much of the area is restricted, like Dolphin Bay where over a thousand dolphins live, it is prohibited to even go in the water. Getting into the water when dolphins or turtles are around is punished by severe fines, so we didn’t. But just in harbor we saw a pod of at least ten dolphins past (around, under) our boat, on their mysterious way to do mysterious dolphin things. Which seems to involve a lot of jumping into the air and spinning around. They seemed to be having great fun.

First thing we all did after anchoring and taking down the CodeZero (after the dolphins left) was jump into the delightfully cool water and swim around a bit. It’s bloody hot and humid here.

Then we made our way ashore to check in with Port Control (and there’s a while separate story about completing bureaucratic paperwork when you don’t speak a word of the local language) and accomplish our single most important mission: finding a grocery store, because the day before I opened the last bag of coffee. Chances of survive to our next stop without coffee: zero. So we did that. Armed with coffee, beer, and and some other necessities we found our way to a really superb restaurant where we stuffed ourselves on tapas. Beside the restaurant they were setting up the stage for rowdy NYE concert, so after dinner we fled back to the boat, from where we could hear the concert just fine.

Went to bed early, woke at midnight to watch the fireworks and call home to loved ones to wish them a happy new year, and slept content in the knowledge that we didn’t have to wake up for night watch.

Happy New Year everyone!

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