Vingilótë is in the northern hemisphere!

Vingilótë is in the northern hemisphere!
My and Rory having successfully swam across the equator.

We crossed the equator just after eight this morning. Poor Dunbar missed his morning nap because he graciously got up, took down the sails and ran the engines so Rory and I could each jump overboard and swim across the equator. (I did it with a line around my waist securing me to the boat. Rory is braver than I.) Swimming in 13,000+ foot deep water is pretty cool.

Rory swimming across the equator behind Vingilótë. Don’t worry, I was standing on the sugar scoop with a rope in case he needed a tow.

That milestone accomplished, we relaxed our strict no-alcohol-under-way with some celebratory champagne, re-raised the Code Zero and resumed our trek northwards. We plan to get into the northern trade winds which should give us a great tack into the Caribbean.

5 comments on “Vingilótë is in the northern hemisphere!
  1. Leslie says:

    Hey there Irene & Captain & Crew., I’ve been following your blog and envious of the amazing things you are doing. Welcome back to the Northern Hemisphere. Keep posting the travelogue, I’m loving it.

  2. Kamila MIller says:

    The t-shirts are great!

  3. Wesley says:

    Only 13000 feet? I thought you would see some deep water!

    • Irene Voskamp says:

      (Grin). Well I actually don’t know how deep it is. The nearest elevation line on the chart is at 13k, so I’m sure it’s deeper than that.

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