Flying fish

Flying fish

All the books and blogs and articles I’ve read about sailing the oceans, no one has ever mentioned the schools (flocks?) of flying fish that jump onto your boat. They are very pretty when alive, silvery-blue with long delicate fins for wings. I’ve seen them go at least 150 feet gliding across the water before they dive back in.

Unfortunately in their flight across the sea too many of them intersect Vingilótë, and it doesn’t end well. Two lucky ones jumped into the cockpit and Rory was there to throw them back into the sea. One actually made it almost over the entire boat- it fell into the galley through the open roof hatch, missing Dunbar’s head by a few inches. That’s ten feet or so above the water! Serious altitude for a six-inch fish. Unfortunately in the galley it was, well, it was a fish out of water. Dunbar threw it overboard as well, so hopefully it will live and take home to its children a lesson about not jumping onto boats. Dunbar also then closed the hatch.

But most of them aren’t so lucky. Every morning we have to clear a handful of dead fish off the decks. This was not in the books.

4 comments on “Flying fish
  1. Catherine says:

    Di you try to grill any?

    • Irene Voskamp says:

      Haven’t yet. Most of them are quite small, only a couple of inches long. Also, many come aboard when we’re not paying attention, so they die on the deck and then sit in the sun for some hours until we discover the corpses. If we get some big ones that are fresh enough we’ll see how they taste.

  2. Geri says:

    Flying fish are delish!! Try to get them when they’re fresh and fry them up!!

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