Adventures in anchoring

Adventures in anchoring
X marks the original anchor site. O marks where we caught up to her.

One heart-stopping moment of the trip- when Dunbar and I returned from running errands in Barbados, we realized that one of the passing squalls during the morning had broken Vingilótë’s anchor loose while we were away, and she had drifted a half-mile out to sea. No experience quite like seeing your boat a helluva lot closer to the horizon than she was when you left…

Dunbar opened up the 20 hp engine on the dinghy and we caught up with her quickly enough. The anchor had actually re-attached on an undersea ridge so she was stationary when we got to her, but there’s no telling how long that would have held her.

We jumped aboard, cranked up the engines and drove a lot closer in than we were previously and re-anchored. No harm no foul- a boat dragging anchor can get into all kinds of trouble including running ashore or running into other boats, which she didn’t do. But we made damn sure that anchor was well-set this time.

2 comments on “Adventures in anchoring
  1. Hediyanto says:

    that’s a couple million boat drifting without no one on board.

    • Edwin Voskamp says:

      Yeah, mistakes were made.

      Vingilótë has (more than one form of) GPS tracking, and since then I added to the systems on the boat to let us know the moment she drags anchor.

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