Arrival in Barbados

Arrival in Barbados
Land ho! Barbados from about ten miles out.

Barbados is the easternmost of the Caribbean islands, in fact it’s technically not in the Caribbean at all but in the western Atlantic. Whatever. It’s not a very popular cruising destination because it so Far East, reaching it from the US requires ‘beating’ upwind against the trade winds.

This is a shame because Barbados is absolutely lovely. Clearing in, however, was challenging. We came into the main harbor in Bridgetown, which is very well set up for large cruise ships, the kind that are the size of apartment buildings. It is not set up for small yachts. We had to try to tie up to a mooring designed for a boat a hundred times larger, in a stiff breeze and with the tide pushing us around. Not a lot of fun. We have been advised in the future to clear in at Port St Charles instead. Lessons learned…

But we managed it, eventually. Rory and I stayed on the boat to make sure our moorings were safe while Dunbar went through the paperwork with Port Control, Immigration and Customs. (He described the customs officer as resembling the sloth in Zootopia.) That done, we went back down to find a good anchorage in Carlisle Bay. We originally intended to go ashore for dinner, but after several days of rough seas we were all pretty exhausted, so Rory made dinner and we stayed in the boat for the evening.

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