Sailing Into the Sunset

Sailing Into the Sunset

We’ve had gorgeous wind and been sailing mostly with just the large Code Zero up, with the apparent wind angle between 120 and 140 degrees.

The large Code Zero out

The Code Zero is awesome, but it should not be used above 18 kts apparent wind speed above 90 degrees apparent wind angle: the force on the sail becomes so much it can tear the sail apart.

For much of this stretch we’ve had enough space to where we don’t sail on a compass heading or to a waypoint, but let the autopilot steer to a consistent apparent wind angle, falling off to reduce apparent wind speed if the wind picks up, and coming up if the wind drops.

However, at night we typically don’t run the Code Zero: it takes two to roll it up and if the wind picks up fast enough, to wake the others and get that going may take too long. If the wind climbs enough, to get PFDs / harnesses on and clip in to go forward in a squall to do that is unnecessarily looking for trouble.

So we sail on jib and mainsail, or, the last few nights with 30+ kts of wind (I saw as high as 43.1 kts in the evening). We typically unfurl the jib, to blanket the Code Zero and make it easier to handle, roll it up, then bring it down straight into the sail locker.

Code Zero and the self-tacking blade jib both out.
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