Finally Fresh Fish

Finally Fresh Fish

After 6,000nm we finally caught fish. Maybe I’m a lucky charm, maybe it’s the Caribbean, maybe it’s that Dunbar tried a different color lure. But he put out the line and not long after we had a bite, a lovely mahi mahi. We didn’t have our act together, with the gaff hook to bring it in, and he tried to get it onto the sugar scoop and it got away.

The one that got away.

He put out the line again, and shortly after that hooked a lovely mahi mahi that after quite a fight we got onboard and had for a lovely late lunch. Grilled, with some sauteed spinach, and freshly boiled rice. Phenomenally good!

The one that became a late lunch

After that we put it out and the next one Rory brought in after quite a fight, a barracuda. We deemed it too small for dinner and set it on its way.

The one we threw back
One comment on “Finally Fresh Fish
  1. Kamila MIller says:

    I can understand now why fishermen get almost superstitious about the lures they use! Congratulations!

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