St. Francis to Fort Lauderdale by the numbers

St. Francis to Fort Lauderdale by the numbers

From St. Francis to Fort Lauderdale he lovely Vingilótë traveled 7,468.7 nm, and achieved highs of 229 nm in 24 hours, 1,509 nm in 7 days, a maximum of 23.7 kts, and confidently handled 43.1 kts wind speed, 4+ meter swells, ugly chop and following seas. She is fast, and is ridiculously solidly built: she doesn’t flex. The combination of the two makes waves hitting her at times sound like cannon shots!

  1. St. Francis to Hout Bay to Cape Town: 450 nm.
  2. Cape Town to Saint Helena: 1,797 nm, 7.4 kts average, 20.3 kts maximum.
  3. Saint Helena to Fernando de Noronha: 1,773 nm, 7.3 kts average, 16.4 kts maximum.
  4. Fernando de Noronha to Barbados: 1,971.9 nm, 9.1 kts average, 23.7 kts maximum.
  5. Barbados to Fort Lauderdale: 1476.8 nm, 8.4 kts average, 22 kts maximum.
Vingilótë, Balance Catamarans 526, hull #7

6 comments on “St. Francis to Fort Lauderdale by the numbers
  1. David Argent says:

    Every time I read one of these posts, I see nm and translate it as nanometers. Clearly, I am a scientist still.

  2. Kamila MIller says:


  3. Irene Voskamp says:

    And total consumption of something like 250 liters of fuel. Which really isn’t very much.

  4. Ann Millikin says:

    Thanks so much for sharing all this great info! How long did the total trip take from Capetown to Barbados? Plus the last bit to Florida?

    • Edwin Voskamp says:

      Left Cape Town December 6th, arrived Fort Lauderdale on January 20th. They waited for parts in St. Helena for a week and diverted to Fernando de Noronha for coffee and spent New Year’s there. They also spent a day or two on Barbados.

      So, altogether 46 days, and probably could have done it in 35.

    • Edwin Voskamp says:

      Oh, they got to Barbados on January 12th, and left the 13th. So Barbados to Fort Lauderdale was 7 days.

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