Come to Fort Lauderdale, enjoy the sun, the warmth

Come to Fort Lauderdale, enjoy the sun, the warmth

Vingilótë is in Fort Lauderdale for maintenance work after her almost 7,500 nautical miles from where she was launched. The ocean is incredibly destructive: warm salt water is one of the more corrosive liquids known, the incessant movement of the waves vibrates, shakes, and tilts and twists everything. Nothing unexpected or even major, in fact, really minor, but since she is going to be at the International Boat Show in Miami February 13th to 17th and has two days of demo sails with prospective buyers afterward, we want her to look her best!

I stayed a few days in Fort Lauderdale to meet with Phil Berman, the president of Balance Catamarans, Dunbar Lewis, the captain who delivered her for us and who is now overseeing the work for Balance Catamarans, and, if need be, to talk with some of the folks doing the work.
I thought it’d be lovely: instead of January weather in Seattle, it’d be warm and sunny …

Yeah, two nights ago when I checked the fenders and lines it was 40F, apparently last night was the coldest in 10 years, and today it rained.

2 comments on “Come to Fort Lauderdale, enjoy the sun, the warmth
  1. Leslie says:

    At least it’s a wash up with “fresh” (not salt) water.

  2. Kamila MIller says:

    Meanwhile, here in the Pac NW it’s in the 50’s during the day. Really, Mother Nature? I think She’s having a laugh. But it’s a good laugh, because on our farm the moderate ‘winter’ weather is a huge help.

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