Shipping Vingilótë

Shipping Vingilótë

Because of the closures in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Hawaii we are having Vingilótë shipped.

Her current ETA to Victoria, B.C. is May 20th. But we are not allowed to cross the border, though an update to that policy is expected … May 21st! Just in case, we’re hiring a local captain to take her to a local marina until we can come and get her. We love having a “Plan B” in place for all situations! Worst case planning beats best case planning!

Seven Seas Shipping craned her aboard in Port Everglades at Fort Lauderdale, Florida om April 23rd around 17:30 local and the ship she so on left at 1am the next morning.

We’ll write more detailed posts with videos and such later, but wanted to provide y’all with a quick update.

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  1. ryan floyd says:

    Smart move shipping the boat – with all the uncertainty this way you will be able to enjoy for summer cruising. Always an adventure! Good luck. Thanks for posting all the content.

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