Vingilótë’s home

Vingilótë’s home
5 comments on “Vingilótë’s home
  1. Dunbar says:

    Pretty pics!

  2. Geri Schaffer says:

    Beautiful! Congrats on getting her home!

  3. My boat is moored down at the end of the Linear Dock from you, so I walk past weekly (or more). Would love to get a tour someday!

    Also, if she is to be in the PT area a while, I could add her to my website (see below)

    • Edwin Voskamp says:

      I’ll be up there tonight or tomorrow, with work and all, that may be at odd hours.

      She’s getting out of there by the end of the weekend, possibly end of the week. I’ll email you when I know so you can come over and I’ll give you a tour.

      • Irene Voskamp says:

        Sorry turned out we were on a tight schedule and had to dash. We’ll be back in a few weeks, will let you know and give you a tour sometime!

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