Why Vingilótë does not have a generator

Vingilótë does not have a generator. Though quiet, reliable, and safe, we looked at every aspect and looked at what would happen if it failed, as well as if we could do without it.

One of the items that bit the dust in this was the Northern Lights 6kW genset. It saved us hundreds of pounds of weight, gave us two large cabinets, let us change the chart desk to another cabinet (normally under there is an access panel to the generator), avoided running lines, exhaust and everything in there, and meant we didn’t need another set of spares and another maintenance schedule.

Our thinking was to load up the boat on solar (we did, see our other posts: Solar Panel Gain, More Solar Power Than Draw, Vingilótë’s Power Design, and a summary and video: Balance Video on our Solar Panels). That worked really well: we sailed from Cape Town to Florida on just solar power, but that’s a story for another blog post, well, several, with the considering of possible consequences.

Here’s a video from Balance Catamarans about their thinking on the need for a generator.

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