First Run of Vingilótë’s Dual Integrels

First Run of Vingilótë’s Dual Integrels

This week we are testing and tweaking the full retrofitted power systems.

Today, after some updates from Integrel Solutions to let the massive amount of power (in the test run below ~300A at ~55V …) from the Integrels to the Lithium-ion housebanks.

Not he that this is the first run and we expect to tweak another 10% or so out of the system.

Still the house bank is 22 kWh and in this run is at 80%. The charge time to full is 16 minutes!

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  1. Peter Pawlak says:




      I’ve been following your adventure since Vingilótë was launched in St. Francis.

      Just wanted to know if your house battery bank is still the standard 800 amp/hr @ 24 volts that is standard for the 526, or you had to upgrade it since Intergel generator is 48 volts?

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