And the Gas Grill Goes Goodbye

And the Gas Grill Goes Goodbye

With the new magnetic induction cooktop we put in we got a grilling plate: 9 by 16 inches, magnetic metal, covered by aluminum for even heat distribution, seasoned and with raised ribs.

It works wonderfully.

So now we’ll take the gas grill off the boat too!

2 comments on “And the Gas Grill Goes Goodbye
  1. Peter Romanus says:

    Hello could you please provide the make and model numbers for the new cooktop and oven you bought? Thank you.

    • Edwin Voskamp says:

      The magnetic induction cooktop is a Thermador Freedom® Induction Cooktop 36” Dark Gray, surface mount without frame, model number CIT36XWBB.

      The steam oven is a Miele combi-steam oven, a steam oven with full-fledged oven function and XXL cavity with water (plumbed) connection for, model number DGC 6865 AM.

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