Slippery Silicon Sticks Superbly

Slippery Silicon Sticks Superbly

On a boat in motion things move.

Though one of the things we love about a catamaran is not living our life at an angle and things reasonably stay where they are for hot, breakable, or edible things, especially in combination, it is a good idea to take precautions.

On the table and on the set off spaces around the saloon and cabin we use silpat non-stick baking sheets. It took some searching to find ones without logos or cooking scales and measurements, but the resulting ones look good, work as place mats and, albeit large, coasters, clean easily and keep things in place.

Here’s a picture of four of them on the table in its folded up form:

On the magnetic induction cooktop we use thinner silicone sheets. They’re thin enough and heat resistant enough to put pots, pans, skillets, grill plates on, and keep them from sliding. They presumably reduce the magnetic induction cooking somewhat (magnetic force drops off with the fourth power of the distance), but a stick pot with three quarts of water on top of the mat cooked in under two minutes. It suffices.

They are also are nice under a chopping board or plate on the cooktop as extra prep, en miss, or set off space.

Here’s a picture of a few of the thin grippy silicone sheets on the cooktop:

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