Say hi to the local … Sealion?

Say hi to the local … Sealion?

We cut across part of Alden Banks, North of Maria Island (a small island Northeast of the Northern tip of Orcas Island).

It’s one of the benefits of the shallow draft of a sailing catamaran like Vingilótë. Right now with her daggerboards down in float mode we draw less than five feet.

We got close-ish to the channel buoy on the Southern tip of the banks, close enough to see a local Sealion use the buoy’s platform to dry and get warm in the watery sun.

Say hi, y’all!

One comment on “Say hi to the local … Sealion?
  1. Leslie Clement says:

    Hullo Sailors, Leslie here – I looked at the weather forecast and was wondering if you got out there – and here you are. Looks like you are getting a good test run of Vingilote. If the offer is still open I’d love to see her and the 2 of you when you dock her. ?⛵

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