Tucked away for a night at anchor in over 30 knots

Tucked away for a night at anchor in over 30 knots

We got into Marrowstone Island’s approach, a narrow, shallow puzzle path and got in. We found a 5 foot deep sandbank that wasn’t there before in what was supposed to be 30’ feet of water by lightly bouncing a dagger board off of it.

We went about 2.5 nm (nautical miles, about 1.15 land miles) in, much further than usual, to find cover as the wind was supposed to shift to the South.

We anchored just South of Bishops Point, against the West side of Marrowstone Island in 20’ of water (with 6’ of rising tide coming in yet). We dropped our anchor with 3x scope (length to the bottom), backed up with some conviction to hard set the anchor, tested it once more, and let out. 5, 6 to one scope. We have 10mm (3/8”) of G4 galvanized chain. We carry a 365’ of it. The extra chain helps absorb the sho k and of movement. We hooked on the heavy nylon line bridle and made dinner.

We had the entire inside of Marrowstone Island to ourself!

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