Vingilótë’s New Magnetic Induction Cooktop

Vingilótë’s New Magnetic Induction Cooktop

Now that we have gobs of power we’re working on removing propane and gasoline from the boat.

We replaced the three propane wok burners with a single magnetic induction cooktop.

It is a 36- inch Thermador Masterpicece Freedom, Frameless. It is a single piece of black glass, three by two foot, set directly onto the countertop. It has no pre-defined “burners” but detects magnetic material set on it and heats just that part. There are 56 elements and it heats up to 5 pans, each individually controllable through the built-in touch panel.

We have a 9 by 16 inch grill plate for it, so we’ll get rid of the propane grill that sits in the fishing pole holders as well.

We got rid of the rack that kept pans in place and got some very thin, super grippy, 600 degree Fahrenheit heat resistant silicone sheets. They are thin enough not to inhibit the cooking (with it three quarts of water in a six quart pot came to a boil in under two minutes) and pots and pans stay in place as if glued.

The cooktop also cleans much much much easier than the propane burners did.

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